Exploring Midigama: A Hidden Gem for Adventure and Serenity in Sri Lanka

Nestled on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Midigama is more than just a spot on the map—it’s a community, a surf haven, and a slice of paradise that we were lucky enough to call home for two weeks. Here’s a glimpse into our life in Midigama, where we found a perfect mix of work, culture, and endless adventure.

A Warm Welcome in Midigama

Upon our arrival in Midigama, we were greeted by the warm smiles of a local family at a cozy homestay. We found them by just walking around Midigama because the place we found on was dirty and not comfortable. The family’s hospitality shone from the first moment, offering us a traditional welcome drink of Ceylon tea with milk—a simple gesture that marked the beginning of our memorable stay. The room we settled into was downstairs, typically used by the family, which offered a more genuine, albeit humid, experience compared to the usual guest accommodations upstairs which were fully booked.

Living Like Locals

Our hosts made sure we felt part of the family, even inviting us to join a dinner to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. This wasn’t just about having a place to stay; it was about experiencing life as locals do. The kitchen became our favorite spot to mingle and cook with local ingredients, sharing stories and dishes alike, creating a sense of community.

The garden of the homestay was another highlight, that alone made it the most beautiful place we worked from, beautifully maintained and bustling with wildlife. Colourful Birds frequented the homestay garden attracted by food scraps the family would leave out, making our “office” not just scenic but lively. There were a couple of birds that we did not see on our first trip to Sri Lanka and we were so excited whenever we could spot a new kind of bird. Everyday we would be out eating breakfast and paying close attention around us as squirrels, peacocks and the occasional ruddy mongoose made appearances too, adding to the natural charm of our surroundings.

Remote Work Challenges and Solutions

Working remotely here came with its unique challenges, primarily the availability of internet. Like many travelers here, we relied on a mobile data package from Mobitel, which offered a 365-day plan—perfect for long-term visitors who need consistent internet. However there are plenty of cafes that offer good Wi-Fi but since we are on a low budget, we prefer to have good internet connection at the place we stay.

Fruitful Delights and Local Connections

Near our homestay, a fruit seller with the freshest papayas and bananas became a regular stop for us. The simple joy of grabbing a fresh fruit for a snack while exchanging smiles with locals enriched our days. Additionally, our interactions with a local lady selling king coconuts on the beach highlighted the genuine kindness of the community, making us feel even more connected to this special place. We also had some small toys mini characters that we gave every now and then to the kids at the beach – this helped as ice breaker to start conversations with the mother.

Stray Dogs, Attention

OOne day when we were riding back to our place in Midigama on our rented scooter, we had a bit of a scare with some stray dogs. They started chasing us and one almost bit my leg. Stray dogs are pretty common in Sri Lanka. Even though many are friendly and just hang out on the beaches, you need to be careful around them. We really love dogs and feel sorry for these strays. It’s important to help local groups that are working to fix the problem by safely controlling the number of dogs with methods like neutering.

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Surfing and Socializing

Midigama is renowned for its surf spots, ideal for mid to advanced surfers, providing thrilling waves and a fantastic social scene. The laid-back vibe of Midigama Beach, with its free sunbeds and relaxed atmosphere, was the perfect place to relax with gorgeous sunsets offering different colours and clouds shapes in front of us.

For those looking for a livelier night scene, Weligama and Ahangama are nearby, offering bars and social activities to suit any taste. In these two villages you can also find more food and supermarket options. Midigama is quieter but there are still opportunities in the evening for a drink or pizza with fellow travellers. 

Exploring Further Afield

With a scooter rented from our hosts, exploring the local area was easy and fun. The freedom to zip around, from the quiet paddy fields in front of our homestay to the bustling streets of nearby towns, allowed us to hop from one place in the south to the other. Our common stops where for ie Unawatuna, Weligama, Ahangama, Mirissa, Tangalle and Dickwella.

Reflecting on Our Stay

Our time in Midigama was not just about finding a place to work and chill; it was about immersion in a lifestyle that balances simplicity with adventure, local culture with welcoming communities. This experience showed us that work doesn’t have to be confined to an office. With the right setup, like the support from SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance, you can work from anywhere—even a garden in Sri Lanka, surrounded by nature and wildlife.

Every day was a reminder that the world is rich with places like Midigama that can transform your perspective on work and life. So, why not let your next work adventure take you somewhere as enriching as Midigama? With a fresh papaya in one hand and your laptop in the other, the world is indeed your oyster—or perhaps, your coconut. 😉

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