Discovering Sri Lanka: A Love Affair – Reasons to Fall in Love with this Enchanting Island

As February 14th came, the love is still in the air, and everyone’s talking about hearts, roses, and romantic dinners. But amidst all that mushiness, there’s another kind of love we’re excited to talk about – our love for a country. Yep, you heard it right! While Valentine’s Day usually means cuddling up with your sweetheart, for us, it’s also about celebrating our passion for a special place on the map. So, in this blog, we’re gonna spill the beans on why we’re head over heels for this country and why you should definitely consider paying it a visit.

Our journey to Sri Lanka began with the simple desire to explore a new corner of the world. As full-time travelers, David and I had roamed through numerous countries, but when we touched down in Sri Lanka in November 2021, we knew we had stumbled upon something truly special and after more countries visited, we still think Sri Lanka is one of our top 3 favourite countries.

Let us take you on this travel ride —a story of how this tiny island in the Indian Ocean captured our hearts and became a place we couldn’t bear to leave. So far we have been two times in the country and we are yet to explore many areas such as the north and most of the east coast where the most stunning beaches are.

Leaving Venice behind, we embarked on a flight filled with anticipation and excitement. With our backpacks packed, travel medical insurance which we never travel without and passports in hand, we eagerly boarded the plane bound for Colombo.

Touching down in Negombo, close to the capital city of Colombo, we were greeted by the warmth of the Sri Lankan sun and the bustle of the city streets. From the moment we stepped off the plane, we knew that Sri Lanka was unlike any place we had visited before. The sights, sounds, and smells enveloped us, signalling the start of our adventure in this vibrant country.

What was supposed to be a brief visit turned into a three-month-long love affair with Sri Lanka. From the golden beaches of the south to the lush greenery of the central highlands, every location of the island captivated us with its beauty. But it wasn’t just the scenery that stole our hearts—it was the warmth and hospitality of the Sri Lankan people. Whether we were sharing a meal with locals or helping fishermen pushing the boats back to the shore in Weligama, we felt at ease, welcomed and grateful and that made us never want to leave.

Weligama Bay

Reasons We Fell in Love with Sri Lanka:

Above All the Hospitality: The kindness and generosity of the Sri Lankan people made us feel at home from the moment we arrived. We have plenty of sweet stories that we experienced to tell, most of them are food involved or just filled with kindness which may not sound much but in todays’ world but we don’t take it for granted. Be Kind, It’s Powerful and can change somebody’s day.

Unfortunately, Sri Lanka is a country that has faced many obstacles over the past years but their hospitality values are so strong, in our opinion very comparable to the Thai.

Rich Culture: From ancient temples to colorful festivals, Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage added depth and meaning to our travels. You won’t get bored with culture and religion here. It’s the country of Sinhalese (Buddhist), Tamil (Hindu), Moors (Muslim) and indigenous vedda communities.

Food and Beverages: In a nutshell, Rice and Curry, Tea and King Coconuts. Aromatic spices, fresh ingredients, and cultural influences, offering a culinary experience that is sure to delight the senses although does not has the same variety as in India. Whether you’re indulging in a spicy curry, savoring a sweet dessert, or sampling street food delights, Sri Lankan food is an essential part of the country’s rich cultural heritage. Cooking Classes are definitely a must in Sri Lanka.

Rice Hoppers and Dhal Rice & Curry Sri Lankan Coconut Pancakes

And by the way, the famous Ceylon Cinnamon is the true cinnamon. Cassia is the common cinnamon that we find in our supermarkets which in high doses can be harmful due to coumarin.

Stunning Landscapes: From pristine beaches to lush mountains, Sri Lanka’s diverse landscapes provided endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. The misty tea hills of Nuwara Eliya are totally different from the coastal areas – in so many ways! Sri Lanka is also full of incredible waterfalls which you may not know, the number is close to 500! There are also a lot of ancient ruins, the most iconic is the Lion’s Rock which combines ancient construction and nature. And caves too, here is a vlog of that particular cave.  

Exciting Activities: You can learn to surf in one of the safest and most affordable beaches in the world which is Weligama. It has shallow waters, gentle waves and a soft sand bottom. You can also go for easy or bit more advanced hikes, kitesurfing / windsurfing in Kalpitiya, go on a safari, whale watching tour, water rafting, snorkelling or diving in the south or east coasts of Trincomalee, chase waterfalls and more!

Exotic Wildlife: We were in awe of the island’s diverse wildlife, from elephants and leopards to colorful birds and monkeys. You can take a vehicle and have wild animals passing by as you drive around the country, this includes deers, sloth bears and leopards if you are lucky, small animals but very often Elephants – watch out!

Buttala to Kataragama Road

Weather: Due to the alternating monsoon seasons, Sri Lanka offers year-round travel opportunities. Regardless of the time of year, there is always a region of the island experiencing favorable weather conditions. This flexibility allows travelers to plan their trips based on personal preferences and desired activities. Sri Lanka has different microclimates which makes the country unique considering its position and size.


Our journey to Sri Lanka was more than just a travel experience—it was a love story. From the moment we arrived, we knew that this tiny island in the Indian Ocean would hold a special place in our hearts. As we reflect on our time there, we are filled with gratitude for the memories we created and the friendships we formed. Sri Lanka will always be a place we hold dear—a reminder of the beauty and magic that can be found when we open ourselves up to new experiences and embrace the unknown. We will definitely return so we can explore the rest of the country.

You can find our Sri Lankan Videos here.

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