Kovalam Unveiled: Our Chilled Experience

Kovalam, a picturesque coastal town in the southern part of Kerala, India, has captivated the hearts of many with its serene beaches, vibrant culture, and profound Ayurvedic traditions. During our expansive journey across India, we, full-time travellers Isabel and David, decided quite spontaneously to alight in Kovalam. This decision came during a long train journey from Pondicherry to Vinnapuram, which was followed by a bustling bus ride. Any traveller in India must book train tickets early, as they tend to sell out quickly—a lesson we learned firsthand! So we got our taktal ticket.

The Tatkal tickets were implemented by the Indian Railways for travellers who need to make last-minute plans. If you find yourself in urgent need of travel and the General quota tickets are unavailable, you can secure your journey by booking under the Tatkal quota.

The Journey to Kovalam

Our train ride, costing only 2.80 euros (245 rupees) for like 12 hours overnight and seated only, was an adventure itself, marked by full compartments with people sleeping in every conceivable space. When the chaotic trip was almost coming to an end, we were gifted with green views and empty coaches which set the perfect backdrop for our arrival in Kovalam.

Kovalam: A Hub for Ayurveda and Tourism

Upon reaching Kovalam, it became evident why this town is a sanctuary for wellness seekers. Known globally for its Ayurvedic treatments, including the famed Panchakarma, a comprehensive body detoxification process, Kovalam offers a unique blend of relaxation and rejuvenation. Although the idea of undergoing Panchakarma was daunting for us, the numerous wellness centres around the town are a testament to its importance in the realm of natural medicine.

Our Ayurvedic Experience

We treated ourselves to several Ayurvedic massages ( Om Ayur Shanti Ayurvedic Panchakarma Center), each session a deep dive into the age-old practices that define Kovalam as a centre for holistic healing. These moments of tranquillity not only soothed our bodies but also offered us a profound connection to the local culture and its traditions.

Discovering Local Craftsmanship

During our exploration, we stumbled upon a local tailor who skillfully blended Indian aesthetics with Western needs. David got trousers tailored from a cool mix of cotton and silk, while I chose a top that reflected a subtle Indian influence. This experience wasn’t just about fashion; it was about engaging with the local craft and creating souvenirs that were both personal and meaningful.

Culinary Adventures and Local Connections

Food was an unexpectedly delightful aspect of our stay. We enjoyed hearty meals of rice and curries for less than 1 GBP and relished the freshness of local fruits. These meals were a daily celebration of Kovalam’s culinary heritage, incredibly affordable and rich in flavour.

A Special Evening in Kovalam

One evening, coincidentally on Valentine’s Day—a day we generally don’t celebrate—we decided to treat ourselves to fresh fish, locally caught and cooked to perfection. This meal enjoyed amidst the soothing sounds of the waves, was not just about the food; it was an unplanned celebration of our journey together, enriching our experience with simple yet profound pleasures.

Remote Work in a Scenic Setting

Our need to stay connected and continue creating content led us to a wonderful café, for us the best working space in Kovalam called: Waves, IG influenced by German bakery traditions yet distinctly Keralite with its open terrace overlooking the beach. This became our workspace, where good coffee, delicious cheesecakes, and reliable internet made our work enjoyable and effective. The café, with its stunning beach views and enchanting sunsets, was perfect for both productivity and inspiration.

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Connecting Across Continents

Accommodation (Neela Beach Resort for 8 USD per night) came recommended by a friend we made in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. This not only provided us with a trusted place to stay but also reminded us of the interconnectedness of the global travel community. Friendships formed on the road continued to influence our journey, making our travel experiences richer and more personal.

A Day Trip to Poovar Backwaters (YouTube Video here)

We took a memorable day trip to the tranquil backwaters of Poovar, exploring the calm waters and lush landscapes. The simplicity and beauty of the village life there provided a stark contrast to the bustling beaches of Kovalam and allowed us to experience the diverse environments of Kerala.

Witnessing Traditional Fishing Methods

Every morning during our stay in Kovalam, we witnessed a captivating sight on the beach—a large group of local men engaging in a traditional method of fishing by pulling nets from the sea. This practice, steeped in communal effort and age-old techniques, showcased a raw and authentic side of Kovalam’s daily life. While it was awe-inspiring to watch the teamwork and sheer physical effort involved, it was also a poignant reminder of environmental issues, as we often saw plastic debris entangled with the catch of fish – which sometimes included not so many fish.

The Windswept Shores of Kovalam

The beach in Kovalam often carries a gentle breeze, making it an ideal spot for local children to engage in kite-flying. This delightful scene added a vibrant splash of colour to the sky, as kites of various shapes and sizes danced in the wind. The sight of children running up and down the beach, their laughter mingling with the sound of the waves, brought a joyful and carefree atmosphere to the area.


Sometimes the sunsets in Kovalam painted the sky with lovely colours, other times it was just overcast, maybe because we were there in February? Not sure but it was cool to just relax, look at the locals and the few tourists passing by during that February 2022.


Kovalam proved to be more than just a destination; it was a vibrant chapter in our ongoing travel story, filled with new experiences whether drawn by its Ayurvedic heritage, the beautiful landscapes, or the warm community, Kovalam offers a slice of Indian paradise that resonates with travellers looking for both adventure and tranquillity.

You can find our vlog about Kovalam below, leave a like if you enjoyed watching! 🙂

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