Harsh Truths About Long Term Travel

Let’s get real, folks! You’ve probably seen those picture-perfect Instagram shots, reels and read the travel blogs that make life on the road seem like one never-ending adventure. But here’s the truth – full-time travel isn’t always smooth. Behind the scenes, there’s a whole world of less glamorous stuff that we are well-acquainted with and if you have been following our adventures you know we should probably head to Lourdes as we had our fair amount of troubles along the way. Here are some of the things that you should know before you embark on a long term travelling trip:

Packing Probs

Picture this: living out of a backpack, always in a state of packing or unpacking. Even if we’ve adopted a more relaxed approach also thanks to our slow travel lifestyle, it’s an ever-present part of our journey. Folding, rolling, and squeezing our life into that bag have become oddly routine. The best tip we can give is to have a minimalist approach when travelling.

Getting Acquainted Everywhere

Every new place means starting from scratch. You land in a foreign land, and suddenly, you’re on a mission to make it your home for a short period of time. Where’s the closest, cheapest and most delicious street food stand or best supermarket? Is the right place to have a decent and healthy routine?

Travelling on a Budget

Traveling on a tight budget is no walk in the park, especially with the ongoing global crisis and inflation. Those affordable flights we once took for granted? Well, now it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We even had to book our return flight seven months in advance just to snag a decent deal with a good connection and a reliable and comfortable airline.

Fixing Things Like Electronics

Fixing expensive electronics while on the move? It’s quite the rollercoaster, especially in some countries. We’ve encountered our fair share of troubles, a swollen laptop battery which we had to replace later with an 80 £ one in Sri Lanka (check the video here), the same laptop with a rebellious hinge and a heart-stopping room flood in India while we were sleeping – we’re talking about a near-disaster that almost saw our beloved drone, camera, laptop, and all those essential chargers take a dip. These experiences remind us that traveling with pricey gadgets can be a wild ride.

Cravings From Home

No matter how adventurous our taste buds, there are moments when we crave for the flavors of home. That comforting taste of familiar chocolate, grissini or other favorite snacks can be elusive in some parts of the world. And when we do find it, be prepared to shell out a premium for that taste of nostalgia.

Delicious Hungarian Fried Dough: Lángos in Szentendre

Danger is always around the corner

Getting robbed, pickpocketed, or scammed while traveling is an unfortunate reality that we’ve had to confront, just like many fellow globetrotters out there. Our encounter with pickpockets in Costa Rica serves as a vivid example. Picture this: we had just landed at the airport, super excited for the Costa Rican nature and fauna awaiting for us. Little did we know that our welcome committee would be a pair of nimble-fingered pickpockets on a bus right from the airport. You can witness the whole heart-pounding saga and see the panic etched on our faces in this video . It’s a stark reminder that no matter how seasoned you are as a traveler, the world can sometimes throw you a curveball that keeps you on your toes.

Accommodation Quest

Finding the perfect place to rest our heads at night can be an adventure in itself. We’ve honed our skills at scouring countless online listings, examining reviews, and dissecting photos to ensure our chosen accommodation lives up to expectations. The fear of accidentally booking a hovel is all too real although we are two flexible and not so squamish travellers.

Navigating from A to B

As full-time travelers, we’re not just exploring new destinations; we’re continually deciphering the puzzle of moving between them. That means researching transportation options, decoding complex transit systems, hopping on some hitchhiking adventures, and sometimes engaging in friendly (or not so friendly) haggling with taxi drivers who see us as mobile ATMs.

Complying with Entry Requirements

Navigating entry requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic felt like a never-ending game of chess. Rules shifted constantly, and we found ourselves booking flights and scrambling to get the right tests just to reach our next destination. It was a part-time job we didn’t exactly sign up for. We still have to regularly check the entry requirements for the next country and we do it on the UK FCDO website also by singing up to each “Get Email Alerts” country page so we can receive updates.

Balancing the Diet

While savoring local cuisine is a vital part of the adventure, maintaining a balanced diet can be a real test. The allure of every street food stall and exotic dish beckons, making it tough to stick to regular meal times and eat healthily.

Sling Post Accident in Đồng Văn, Vietnam

Medicine Hunt and Healthcare Hurdles

When you’re constantly on the go, you quickly realize that not every corner of the world stocks your specific brand of medication. Dealing with a difficult headache, upset stomach, or stubborn allergy becomes a guessing game. Navigating foreign pharmacies can be exhausting. But sometimes local medicines are the best stuff to fight the local viruses.

When illness strikes in a foreign land, we’re faced with the daunting task of finding reliable healthcare. However, having travel medical insurance, like SafetyWing, offers peace of mind as they can also suggest you where to go – you can choose private or public hospitals. We’ve personally relied on it for various medical needs: a gynecologist visits in Mexico, a small dental emergency in Italy, food poisoning situation in Indonesia and even this year, when David fractured his shoulder in Vietnam. They are currently refunding the expenses from that moto accident happened in Vietnam which are well over the deductible amount of $ 250.

SafetyWing is more than just travel medical insurance; it’s a thriving online community hub. It provides travel and social media tips, perks for ambassadors, and even an affiliate program if you’re looking to dive deeper. It’s a support system that understands the unique challenges we face as full-time travelers and digital nomads.

Traveling certainly has its fair share of challenges and surprises but here is the thing: we wouldn’t trade it for our past hectic lives in London. The freedom to explore new horizons, the enriching experiences, the chance to connect with diverse cultures – it all outweighs the occasional inconveniences. Every obstacle on the road has been a stepping stone toward personal growth and a deeper understanding of the world. It’s a journey that has transformed us in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

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