A Day in the Life on Koh Lanta, Thailand (Long Term Travel)

Hello! We’re Isabel and David, full-time travellers and content creators on YouTube and Instagram. Today, we’re taking you back to February and March of last year when we spent five incredible weeks on the picturesque island of Koh Lanta, Thailand. Join us as we share a typical day that blends our remote work routine with the enchanting experiences this island has to offer.

Where We Were Located

Koh Lanta is nestled in the Andaman Sea, accessible via a short ferry journey from Krabi. Known for its laid-back vibe and stunning landscapes, the island’s lush southern region is dotted with long, quiet beaches and small, secluded coves, where wildlife like monkeys can often be spotted.

Our Stay at Lanta at Home

We found a home away from home at ‘Lanta at Home,‘ a cozy guesthouse by the sea at Khlong Dao Beach. The warmth of the guesthouse family made our stay exceptionally special, fostering a bond that extended beyond our visit and deep into the local culture.

A Day in Our Lives on Koh Lanta

Our days on Koh Lanta struck a balance between disciplined work and immersive leisure, allowing us to experience the island’s beauty while staying productive.

Morning Routine

Our day started at 7 AM with meditation, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the sea. By 7:30 AM, we’d be walking along Khlong Dao Beach, enjoying the tranquil morning. After our walk, we prepared a breakfast feast with local Thai mangoes, papayas, bananas, toast, peanut butter, biscuits, and fresh coffee and tea. 

On Some days we had lovely breakfasts together with the host family. We loved the pancakes, cheesecakes and coffee art coffees and teas they made were just amazing. We have never seen tea made in such a fancy way, with foam like the coffee one! Delicious! And we will always remember the delicacies they baked. Honestly, we cant wait to be back.

Work and Midday Break

By 10:30 AM, we settled into our work, focusing on editing videos and managing our social media content, inspired by views of the sea. At around 1 PM, we’d break for local fruits, recharging for the afternoon.

Evening Leisure

Work wrapped up by 4:45 PM, just in time to go to the beach, have a bath and chase Koh Lanta’s famous sunsets. Each evening, the sky burst into spectacular colors, a daily reward for our efforts. Dinner featured local dishes like seafood fried rice, delicious and affordable at just 60 THB (£1.30).


Evenings were spent relaxing at the beach and watching the fire shows or sometimes enjoying a movie at home, winding down from the day’s activities, and by 10:30 PM, we were ready for bed, gearing up for another productive day.

Off days

We stuck to our morning routine daily, but a couple of times post-breakfast, we’d rent a motorbike to explore Koh Lanta further. Our travels took us to the Mu Koh Lanta National Park and stunning beaches (such as: Khlong Nin, Bamboo Beach, Khlong Khong, Klong Nui,..) enhancing our adventure. We often visited vibrant local markets to indulge in the local cuisine and sometimes ended our days with relaxing beachside massages, perfectly unwinding after exploring the island’s beautiful landscapes.

Exploring Beyond Work

While exploring Koh Lanta’s lush landscapes, we encountered rubber trees tapped and hung with coconuts to collect sap, an interesting aspect of local agriculture. However, not all sights were as pleasant. We saw an elephant kept in chains for tourist rides, a practice we deeply disapprove of. This was a poignant reminder of the need for responsible tourism and animal welfare.

The island also offered vibrant local markets, weekly fire shows on the beach, and a rich array of food options especially in the north side of the island. During a festival in the old town there were plenty of food stands and at the same event, we were very happy to see that the locals were marching with dresses made from recycled materials as well as sculptures made of recyled plastic.
The old town shows noticeable Chinese influences especially in the way houses have been built.

Physical and Cultural Activities

For those interested in more vigorous activities, Koh Lanta offers excellent options for practising Muay Thai, with training available for all levels. Interestingly, Thailand even offers a specific visa for those coming to the country to train in Muay Thai, reflecting the sport’s cultural significance and its draw for international visitors.

Future Connectivity

Looking ahead, Koh Lanta is set to become even more accessible. The Thai cabinet approved a significant investment in October 2022 for the construction of two bridges. One of these will link Koh Lanta to the mainland by as early as 2025 (probably), enhancing connectivity and potentially changing the dynamics of travel and tourism in the region. This development promises to make visits to Koh Lanta even more convenient while opening up new opportunities for both residents and visitors.

Our Creative Inspiration

Koh Lanta inspired us daily, from the tranquility of our morning walks to the vibrant life of the local markets and the cultural richness of the old town. The island’s balance of natural beauty, community feel, and cultural diversity fuelled our creativity and content, making it more than just a travel destination but a muse for our work.

Environmental Consciousness and Ethical Travel

Our travels are not just about capturing beautiful moments but also about understanding and respecting the environments we enter. The sight of the chained elephant was a stark reminder of the complexities of tourism and the impact it can have on local wildlife. Such experiences drive us to advocate for ethical travel practices that respect local communities and ecosystems.

The Social Aspect of Travel

The connections we’ve made on the island, from the guesthouse family to meeting fellow travellers, have enriched our stay, turning what could be a simple visit into a meaningful exchange of cultures and ideas. These interactions are vital as they deepen our understanding of the places we visit and leave us with lasting friendships. Also, it was beautiful that Isa’s mum could spend two weeks with us on the island – it was her first time in Thailand and loved it!


Koh Lanta was the perfect spot for us to embrace that chilled-out island life. We really got into the groove of our daily routine, living by the sea and hanging out with an incredible local family (which we deeply miss!). The vibe there is super laid-back, and it just lets you blend work and play without missing a beat. Plus, the beaches are so long and roomy that you can always find a quiet spot to chill, away from anyone else.

Being on Koh Lanta taught us a ton about keeping a good balance between getting stuff done and taking time to explore. It’s such a cool place for setting up shop if you’re working remotely but still want to get that holiday feel. We also learned how important it is to travel thoughtfully. Diving into the local scene and respecting the environment really showed us how we can all make a positive impact while having the time of our lives. Koh Lanta is just the perfect example of how easygoing yet mindful travel can seriously enhance your experience, keeping things beautiful and authentic for everyone.

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